An Act of Showing, Testing Ground, 17 - 31 May 2017

An Act of Showing is research project with an accompanying exhibition and publication organised by Maria Miranda and Anabelle Lacroix. The project is a result of three years of research by Maria, and is focused on ARIs, specifically, the difference between different spaces from different areas of Australia, and how ARIs reflect on 'place' and what that means to them. 20 ARIS from Australia as well as 3 ARIs from the Asia Pacific region will be participating in the project.


'GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY' - XXI Triennale International Exhibition: '21st Century. Design After Design' 2 April - 9 September 2016

Contemporary Hall Gallery, IULM University, Milan (IT)

Showing 99 Problems [WASTED]

GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY is the most comprehensive, eclectic, and diverse exhibition of machinima ever staged in Italy. Featuring recent works from approximately thirty world-renown artists, the show explores themes pertaining to simulation and representation, fiction and nonfiction, replay and re-enactment, architecture and urbanism, sex and race, gender and politics, warfare and terrorism through the lenses of videogame-made videos, also known as machinima.

Ranging from institutional critique to new media production, GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY emphasizes the visual nature of digital gaming and its potential for creative expression, rather than mere escapism. By bringing together experimental filmmaking, performance art, video art, and gaming technologies, GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY invites the viewer to experience an artistic landscape in flux, one in which notions of media specificity and media convergence are simultaneously confirmed and rejected. Installed by Architect Gianluca Peluffo of 5+1AA Architectures, GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY will feature innovative and original ideas for displaying machinima and video game-based video works. The exhibition will be accompanied by a bi-lingual catalog (English & Italian) published by one of Italy’s leading art publishers, and it will feature contributions by renowned international art critics, artists, and scholars.

19 April - 13 May 2016


Showing 99 Problems [WASTED], The Fall Girl and Fair Game [Run Like a Girl] (debut)

The standardization of geek culture can be understood as ‘myth’ defined by Roland Barthes (1972). He conceptualized myth not as a fictitious or unverified thing, but as a socially constructed reality, which is passed off as ‘natural’ despite having little actual connection to history. According to Barthes (1972), myths circulate in daily life, and once they become established in people's beliefs and values, myths serve the ideological agendas of the dominant classes. Through myths, erroneous thinking becomes entrenched and obvious. As an example, there is a myth that women are ‘naturally’ afraid to tinker with the computer, a technocratic icon of the information era, while men are ‘naturally’ bold enough to have a close encounter with the powerful computer. Such gendered constructions of technology portray women's ‘normal’ occupations to be in non-computing areas, while men's ‘dominant’ employment to be in high-computing areas. This way geek culture legitimizes men's exclusive claim to computing on the one hand and defuses the power relations between men and women in the high-technology sphere on the other hand.

In the arts women have been at the forefront of art and technology creation and have played a central role in the development of new media and art/science practice. Geek Girls focuses on the innovative uses of technology utilized and advanced by women artists to challenge the gender biased myths of who employs technology, using the cultural construct of the ‘Geek’ as a departure point.   




Representing Vic as a finalist in the 2015 John Fries Award,  one of Australia and New Zealand’s most coveted awards for emerging contemporary artists.

The finalists are from all over Australia, with two New Zealand and three Indigenous artists represented. Works include painting, sculpture, installation, video and live performance.

All finalists’ entries will feature in a month-long exhibition at UNSW Galleries at UNSW Art & Design – the award’s presenting partner for the second year running. The winner of the award’s $10,000 prize money will be announced on its opening night on Friday, 4 September. Read more

Happy Endgame, James Makin Gallery, COLLINGWOOD

7 March - 12 April

Launching at James Makin Gallery, 67 Cambridge St Collingwood

Saturday 7 March, 2pm - 4pm

Showing thru 12 April



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Data Flow, Town Hall GallerY, HAWTHORN

3 March - 12 April 2015

Opening Night  Tuesday 3 March 6pm  -  8pm, thru 12 April. Showing The Fall Girl (2012), Lara Croft Domestic Goddess (2012)

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18 April - 10 May 2015

Showing Lara Croft Domestic Goddess

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